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“Break a Leg” to the following drama departments who will be performing Jeffrey's work in the upcoming months:

There's Still Time

Andrews Living Arts CenterFort Lauderdale FLMay 7-31.


Walt Becker will tell you that he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. To make matters worse, he feels that his seven decades of life have been meaningless. He’s decided he will change that by doing something memorable. What can a seventy-plus year old do that is memorable? Standup comedy, of course. His wife and adult daughter whose lives have both recently taken emotional hits aren’t laughing when he tells them his plan. More stress and disappointment are the last things they need. Nevertheless, they soon come to rally behind him, not only because he is funny as hell, but because his zany new profession reinvigorates their lives, as well.

The Promise

Kent Denver School
One-Act Play Festival
Englewood, CO The festival is one night May 1.


The rest of Mary Becker's life was going to be great. She had earned it. The business Mary and her husband (mostly, she) had worked so hard to build was thriving; her daughters had grown into independent young women, and her marriage of twenty plus years was on solid footing. And then capricious Fate spun her wheel. Mary's husband divorced her to put a trophy wife (formerly his personal trainer) on his arm and in his bed. Naturally, Mary is devastated. It is a tragic story, but unfortunately, one that is not that uncommon. This is where the play begins. THE PROMISE shows us that Fate always has one more spin in her wheel.

Somewhere Else Dreams

Mason County Eastern High SchoolCuster MIThird Week of March 2015
Bethlehem Central Middle SchoolDelmar NYFirst Week of May 2015
Seminole Mennonite Evangelical ChurchSeminole TXLast Week in April 2015


Ashlee Martin, a young waitress at the All American Diner in the town of Jacksonville, located in the heart of east Texas, dreams of finding a better life somewhere else. Yet, fate holds her at the diner just a little longer so the cast of zany characters that include a nursing home escapee, a used lawnmower peddler, a welder who insists on telling corny jokes and a yokel who might have won the lottery can unwittingly create a hilarious chain of events that show Ashlee her "better life" was always right in Jacksonville

Manus Dei

Culutral DC Source FestivalWashington, DCJune 5-29 .


Relationships can be based upon many things, such as: physical attraction, mutual interest, financial expediency, but, as Manus Dei illustrates, they can also be based upon the flightiest of things.